Rezato payments

We empower Corporates and individuals to agile, efficient and fast payments to any part of the world. By offering open loop payments we create a channel that leverages an agile frameworks, we facilitate seamless CrossBorder payments that are focused on a consumer-first mindset.

To Facilitate customers and Businesses Worldwide to deliver on their payment promise globally by providing them affordable, efficient, and effective CrossBorder rails and technology that facilitate their Payments across markets.

To Offer Agile, Seamless, Unified CrossBorder Payments Across The World.

What we do

Business Agility

Define the go-to-market process.

Operational Rehearsal

Pressure Test the payments strategy.

High-Performance Teams

Help organizations hire a fit-for-purpose team.


Help payments organizations negotiate funding or credit facilities.

Customer Centricity

Ensure the customer is at the core of the organization's strategy.

Digital Transformation

Provide efficient, secure, and stable payment technology solutions.

Treasury Solutions

Identify financial institutions that will provide the best Forex exchange rates.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Help companies navigate uncertainty, regulations, and compliance.

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