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Who we are

Rezato is a payments business consultancy set up by professionals with a proven track record for transforming payments performance. We are a team of highly experienced leaders passionate about delivering extraordinary results in the payments space. We have taken a unique approach to bridge the gap between international payments companies and integrating them into the local environment by providing them consultancy services, technology solutions, and a safe landing as they set up locally.

We do this through Payments Leadership, a combination of consulting tools and technology that focuses on market analysis, facilitating payments technology, building processes, and performance.

Rezato applies Payments Leadership® to help organizations deliver superior payments services through a truly holistic approach to payments execution and starts with understanding the aspirational vision for the organization. We focus on payments business execution, working with organizations every step to ensure they deliver their promise.

How we think

The challenge in launching a payments organization in a new market and delivering on the payments strategy and execution is increasing. Why? Because the world we live in is becoming increasingly competitive, chaotic, unpredictable, and challenging. Success depends not just on having a great strategy but on an organization’s ability to navigate this uncertain world, execute that strategy brilliantly and launch in various markets quickly. This is where we come in.

What we do

Rezato has robust systems that can accommodate new features on the go. We intend to offer the systems as technology providers offering Payments White label solutions to various partners such as remittance companies’ financial institutions and B2B payments companies keen on providing a last-mile settlement. However, the organizations must get Central Bank approval or a No Objection letter before we push their transactions.

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